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Men who can afford younger women

August 10, 2012

When I was young, I dated older men. They didn’t support me, but they took me out for nice dinners and occasionally bought me Christmas and birthday gifts. One of them bought me several suits to start my new life in San Francisco at a top PR firm. Of COURSE I slept with him. Do you think he would have bought me those suits if I didn’t? ahhhhh.  He also bought me a really nice leather attache for my new career. And then I never saw him again.

Sometimes I wonder what happened to those guys, now that I’m 54. I actually called one of them recently, a lawyer I dated occasionally whose cousin was married to Danielle Steele. We did a lot of coke together, and of course that meant we had a lot of sex. I was younger than 25; I know that because I was 25 when Evan was born and that’s when I quit dating men for money. John sounded a little frail on the phone. Well, he was in his 40s in the 80s so that makes sense.

San Francisco was an interesting place to live. All the clubs were private. I had few friends there; lonelier there than a lot of other places I’ve lived, but I guess I’m pretty picky about my friends. Not being picky enough about my friends is what got me into trouble at the last place I lived. I met people I didn’t need to know. Now I’m practically agoraphobic, and I’m certainly not interested in meeting anyone, although I would love to have good friends whom I could trust.

I was always an articulate  conversationalist, and I certainly was cute back then — and I didn’t even know it, which is what even made me cuter. Even that guy who started Sharper Image chased me into a parking garage to ask me out! I ended up getting his account for Ketchum, but I never did go out with him. I probably should have. Just think how different my life would have been if I had married a man like that. Yep, sour grapes.

Now that I’m older, and not quite so fresh as I was back then, it’s impossible to find a man who wants to spend his time or money on me. It’s quite disconcerting. I am learning to bite my tongue rather than make negative statements. That means I’m quiet a lot. I spend more time with my oldest son than anyone else, but he goes to work (thank God he has a job!) and he likes to play his video games or he goes out to play pool. That’s his life. Sometimes he takes me to play pool with him, but he’s so serious and he prefers nine-ball and he kicks my ass a LOT. So that’s my social life.

That’s why I took the plunge and initiated contact with someone on Craigslist. I need a life.

Well, I seem to have a virus that highlights and deletes what I have written, which is the most frustrating thing that can happen to a writer so I am going to publish before I lose this whole thing.



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