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Writer Extraordinaire

I submitted my first story to Reader’s Digest when I was ten. They didn’t publish it, but my mom was really proud of me!

I’ve always loved to write, and as a kid I had a bevy of penpals all over the country, from Juno, Alaska to Orange, New Jersey. I wonder what ever became of those girls. It was my friend in Wisconsin who turned me on to Janis Joplin. She even sent me a tape she made of her. She had the cutest voice! I love that Midwestern accent, to this day. I even married a guy from South Dakota. And *I* have an accent when I pronounce that state.

Maybe the fact that I was such an avid reader affected my yearning to put my own words down on paper. I love to enlighten people; in the Army, feature stories were my forte.  I can write hard news, but people lie, so what’s so “hard” about it? And listening to politicians drone on and on, all the while lying through their teeth, does  not turn me on, although I love to debate politics and I love setting people (especially teapartiers) straight even more!

ooop… I think I have a blog there.

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