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Job Hunting at the age of 54

Do I really have to support myself? Truly? Yeah, I guess I do. So I either need clients, or I need a job. Looking for a job at my age is hellacious. I’m overqualified! No one wants to hire me! Especially after they see my teeth! It’s hard to interview without showing your teeth. It’s hard to TALK without showing your teeth. So that leaves out front office/receptionist-type positions that I could apply for. I’m not as cute as I used to be. And actually, those jobs are a misuse of my talent. But it’s a foot in the door.

That’s another reason I need a job; I need to fix my teeth. It takes money to fix your teeth. It takes even more money to fix your teeth in Seattle than in San Diego. At least down there you can run across the border where it’s much cheaper. So dental insurance would be nice even though, in my experience, dental insurance doesn’t even come close to covering anything. You’re better off putting that money into your pre-tax medical account — if your company offers that — than paying the premiums for dental insurance. I managed the pre-tax medical for a large church in Redmond when I was their bookkeeper for a year. I did all their accounting and managed the hr benefits as well. I hate jobs like that, which is why I quit after a year. Unfortunately, I quit a week before 9/11. Which left me unemployed for a year. Then I went to work for my ex-husband. THAT was an experience.

So what do I want to do? Well, someone suggested that SEO is an up and coming field. So I start researching it, trying to figure out how to teach it to myself. I’ve taught myself a lot of things, including QuickBooks, which was an asset when I was looking for a job working for someone else. But I’m having a hard time finding anything that actually teaches me the MECHANICS of SEO. So I’m floundering…. then I decided to look up SEO companies in Bellevue, and there are LOTS of them. Maybe I should try to get a job working for one of them. But are they actual companies or just people like me, promoting themselves to do the work? So I’ve found a few of their emails and sent them resumes. We will see. I even started putting “Do you get a lot of resumes?” in the Subject line and “Here’s another one!” on the first line of the email. I don’t know. Will kitchze (sp?) get you anywhere during a job search?

My dream job, that’s what I have to think about. My dream job is actually DESIGNING interiors and doing all the shopping and ordering to complete them. That’s what Lockhart Design is about. And that’s my dream. Interiors AND exteriors. Putting together the crew to do the stamped concrete, then designing the landscapes and having someone put it in. I don’t want to do the physical work. I am too slow! But shopping… online and in person… that’s the fun part. I love going to Home Depot or Lowe’s (had to mention both to be fair) early in the morning, when they aren’t crowded. Just the contractors are there.

So that’s what I’m going to do. Pursue my dream. Somehow.

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